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David Renggli
I love you II, 2012

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Specific architectural solutions - Patio house, Grandvaux 2010. Some beautiful details in here. Photos (C) MGBR.

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Kraus Schoenberg - House W, Hamburg 2007. A personal favorite; this house is an affordable, prefabricated project for a family that desired both a connectivity between the various occupants with the ability to maintain privacy if desired. Constructed of recycled CNC milled timber panels, the upper volume of the house sits on a glass base with a sunken concrete living room below. The submerged space allows for eye-level views of the garden when standing, but offers visual privacy while seated. The sleeping spaces rise above the glazed base, each room with a different ceiling height based on function, and spiral around a large central atrium anchored by a 3 story bookshelf. Interior windows in the bedrooms and cut-outs in the bookshelf ensure visual connectivity is maintained between all rooms. Via, photos (C) Ioana Marinescu.

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Luis Barragan interior

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Rudy Ricciotti

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Here it is: photos of Peter Zumthor’s proposed new building for LACMA. See & share even more here.

Over on Unframed, LACMA’s director Michael Govan writes about the years of thought that have gone into this project:

What if, instead of being hidden, a museum’s collections were visible even when they were in storage? What if art objects could be methodically rotated to describe many cultural stories and not just one chronological and geographic historical narrative? What if there could be a comfortable and seamless transition from the casual space of an outdoor plaza to the inner sanctum of a meditative gallery? Could a museum have lots of windows to see outside, could kids be accommodated as easily as art historians, and could an arrangement of coincident spaces be suited to contemplation, education, or just hanging out? And instead of being a notorious energy hog, could a public museum building collect the energy of the sun to give back to its environment? Could the art museum’s architecture be reconsidered from scratch?

You can see these models, and much more, in The Presence of the Past: Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA, opening to members tomorrow and to the public on Sunday.

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Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq
P60 chairs, 1960

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Escape To This Pristine Cabin!

The cabin was constructed out of a desire to directly design and build as a singular act. The structure consists of douglas fir columns, rough sawn fir lumber, and planed fir interior finish. Click here to read more!


Susumu Takasuga - Seitogakusha schoolhouse, likely mid 1970’s. Via the always inspiring Paradise Backyard

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Main Ridge Residence by McAllister Alcock Architects

Photography by Derek Swalwell and Shannon McGrath

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Won Dharma Center / hanrahanMeyers architects

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